Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The one talent man

The parable of the talents has always made me . . . nervous.

Heard a great sermon on it recently.  The point was made that the one talent man was afraid of his master and reacted to his fear by choosing to preserve his life, i.e. stay healthy, safe, comfortable, well-insured. This seems to be an especially great tendency when we're in pain- just curl up in a safe corner. But God didn't give us life to hold onto; he gave us life to give life!

I need to TRUST that God knows me and what I can handle and then find my life's purpose, which always involves service and souls.
We are promised that if we abide in Him we will produce fruit. That's what the master expected-

Productivity. Not preservation.

Come to think about it, preservation is what HE is all about!      

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