Sunday, November 11, 2012


"The Bible calls Satan 'the accuser of our brothers.'
It's the Devil's job to blame, complain, and criticize members of God's family. Anytime we do the same, we're being duped into doing Satan's work for him. Remember, other Christians, no matter how much you disagree wtih them, are not the real enemy. Any time we spend comparing or criticizing other believers is time that should have been spent building the unity of our fellowship."
                         ~Rick Warren from The Purpose Driven Life

Good point, huh?

Being "duped" into doing Satan's work is not something I want to fall prey to! But, I must confess, I have.

LORD, help me remember the great commandment,

to LOVE as you have loved me.
And to spend my time building the unity of our fellowship.
(That even sounds kind of fun, doesn't it?!)

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