Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rejoice in the lord always?

"Rejoice in the LORD always, again I say, rejoice."     ~Phillipians 4:4

Although it is one of my favorites, this verse has always made me a bit uncomfortable.

Always rejoice? 

How, Lord?

How can I possibly rejoice when I've just loss someone so precious to me, whom I loved so dearly?

Because the Creator of the universe loves ME enough to send His Son to die to redeem me, 

I can rejoice

 even while suffering the emptiness of loss.

When I'm wounded and bleeding from the knife of a trusted friend, how can I rejoice?

Because the Son of Man, my Saviour, loves me enough to say YES to the betrayal of His friends, to the abuse and cruelty of evil men; YES to death on the cross

I can rejoice
 despite the bloody wounds of my own.

When my world has been turned upside-down by financial loss, illness, accident, neglect or abandonment . . . rejoice?


Because a price so exorbitant, which I could never pay, was paid for me. Because a debt I owe has been wiped away; because a vigilant Shepherd watches over me day and night

I can rejoice

even while my life here below rocks and churns and crashes and burns

I can rejoice.


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  1. Though I love every book and chapter of the Bible, Philippians 4 is my absolute favorite chapter. It has so many great concepts. We’re supposed to rejoice always, worry about nothing, pray about everything, and meditate on all things virtuous and praiseworthy, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, and trust that God will supply all our needs…Even when it’s difficult to do or believe we have to trust God. Thank you for the reminder! No matter the circumstance, we have to rejoice! Let me rephrase that, we get to rejoice! What an awesome God we serve!