Friday, April 15, 2011

Mercy triumphs over judgment

For the first time in my life I am attending a congregation which regularly has street people visit the worship services.
And I, like most, it appears, am uncomfortable with them. I am not used to being around them. At all.
I feel compelled to greet them, to smile and seem friendly, but I don't want to really engage them in conversation. Why? Because they might need something of me. They might ask me to venture out of my
 comfort zone.

This morning I was challenged by James 2, admonishing us not to show partiality. I believe he really is talking about THESE very same people; this conclusion is inescapable.
 James' summation of the subject is "mercy triumphs over judgment." I get that.

He then continues with the well known dissertation on faith without works being dead.
 No partiality. No judging. No faith without works.

I think I've got some growing to do in trusting God's wisdom in this area.

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