Monday, April 25, 2011

"Summa sedes non capit duos"

Translation:   Supreme power cannot be shared.

 I have heard that Roman soldiers recited this, Rome's motto, every day.

Whether or not we choose to acknowledge it,
and God does not SHARE His power.

We are soldiers in a kingdom which cannot be shaken. We are told to take up our armor, to fight the good fight, to endure hardship as a good soldier; that we are to please Him who enlisted us as a soldier.
 And He who enlisted us is THE SUPREME, ETERNAL KING!

(Of course you knew I was going to tie this into TRUST!)

It seems very comforting to me that I am putting my trust in someone who is SUPREME POWER.
Why wouldn't I? He cannot be deterred, deceived, overthrown. My trust is COMPLETELY safe with Him.

"Supreme power cannot be shared." I think I should recite this every day.

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