Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Heavenly Father . . .

The other day a regular customer of mine said, "My church went through a spell, well, I guess ALL churches probably did, of not saying 'our heavenly FATHER.'"
She paused.        I didn't get it.
She explained, "You know, heavenly FATHER," thinking that the added emphasis on  father would help.
 It didn't.
She then explained that this was to be politically correct in not offending women.
I had heard of this, but never actually talked to someone who practiced it.
(And, no, my church didn't go throught that . . . . . . . spell.)

The question that has been rolling around in my mind since is: How could anyone have a relationship with their father without being able to address Him as such!?
Saying or hearing the words  dear heavenly Father is such a comfort to me! I know I am connecting with the one who knows, loves and cares for me. He has clearly revealed HIMSELF as Father.
What makes anyone think they have the power to NEUTER GOD?!

Posting this on Mother's Day is partly coincidence, partly by design.
I'm thankful for my mother and for being a mother and for all of the mother's who have helped make this a better world simply by doing what God designed them to do. It is a part of our heavenly Father's beautiful plan. But blaspheming against God by being "gender neutral" does not glorify mothers!

 The God of heaven and earth is our heavenly Father.
And I am so thankful.

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